Comfortzone Sublime Skin - SUBLIME SKIN BRIGHT PEEL

Comfortzone Sublime Skin - SUBLIME SKIN BRIGHT PEEL

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Comfort Zone brighting Facial Peel is a professional grade exfoliator. It is designed to improve skin texture and brighten it. A mixture of acids helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Due to this, the epidermis is updated faster. Brighting ingredients eliminate age spots and add natural radiance to the face.

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Bright Peel Features:

- provides a mild exfoliating effect; - contains 30% lactic acid, which cleanses pores, evens out skin tone and rejuvenates the face;
- contains 5% mandelic acid, which provides an antibacterial effect and prevents the appearance of acne and rashes;

- brightens the skin and helps fight hyperpigmentation and post-acne;

- It is recommended to use sunscreen or other sun protection after peeling.

How to use: 

Use as directed