Davines A New Colour Brown Mahogany

Davines A New Colour Brown Mahogany

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Davines A New Colour Ammonia-Free Permanent Colour Cream is an ammonia-free permanent colouring system designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting. A New Colour is an extremely flexible and complete system: it provides full coverage of white hair, it can darken and lighten up to three levels, and it can change reflect with great flexibility. For A New Colour, Davines drew inspiration from the insect’s world that summarizes and enhances nature’s creative skills and, at the same time, offers unequalled colour suggestions. It is a continuous change, the perfect combination between colours, shapes, and lights. In nature, it is carotenoids and melanins that invent this smart riot of colour. Starting from the same ingredients that nature uses for its plays of colours, Davines Research Laboratories developed an innovative, delicate, and nature-inspired hair colour system. Infusing colour into matter, A NEW COLOUR prompts light to take new ways. Translates colour into infinite possibilities becoming ideal for the work of the colourist, who can finally read abstraction and handle pure colour implementing it for personal visions or desires.


Extraordinarily velvety, intense and multi-faceted colours
Natural anti-oxidants for long-lasting, shiny colours for a long time
Ammonia-free, for an odourless and pleasant application
Delicate formulas for smooth and hydrated hair
Complete, simple and flexible system


Always use blended with A New Colour Base Cream and A New Colour activators following the proportions given on the technical dossier and the explanatory leaflet.


Carotenoids are natural pigments very common in vegetables that can influence the warm colours of some animals that eat plants containing them. The Carotenoids contained in A New Colour are extracted from carrots, they carry out a strong antioxidant action and, when combined with the Melanin contained in the colour and the vitamin C contained in the cream base, create a mix with distinctive anti-free radical properties.

Melanin is a vegetable pigment extracted from date palms with a strong antioxidant and anti-free radical action. It works in synergy with the Carotenoids contained in the colour and with the Vitamin C contained in the cream base.

Monoethanolamine (MEA) is a liquid substance, soluble in water and easily biodegradable that can create the alkaline environment required to open the hair cuticles, favour the release of hydrogen peroxide and catalyse the polymerisation reaction. In A New Colour, MEA works in synergy with sodium metasilicate, which is a natural alkalinising agent contained in the A New Colour cream base.